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Othello and Revenge

            Revenge, in simple terms, is getting back at someone. In other words, revenge is the act.
             of wronging someone that you believe has wronged you. In the play, revenge acts like a.
             fatal virus. It spreads from person to person until everyone infected is dead. The revenge.
             begins with Iago and consumes almost the entire cast of characters. .
             The revenge virus is first found in Iago. He believes Othello has wronged him by.
             choosing Cassio as his lieutenant. He feels the need to have his vengeance on Othello.
             and Cassio. He also knows that if he acts directly upon Othello or Cassio he will be.
             killed, so he chooses to spread his infectious revenge to others. His opportunity comes in.
             the form of Othello's marriage to Desdemona. Iago sees this as his perfect chance to.
             initiate his plague of hate, and he starts with Roderigo. .
             Roderigo wants to marry Desdemona. He has been unsuccessful in his pursuits,.
             but has nowhere to direct his frustrations. Iago gives him that direction telling him the.
             Moor is to blame for his plight. He makes Roderigo believe that if Othello is taken out of.
             the picture, Desdemona will be his. Once the seed of revenge is firmly implanted in.
             Roderigo, Iago uses him to infect Brabantio.
             When Roderigo informs Brabantio that his daughter has married without his.
             permission, and she has married the Moor, he of course becomes angry. He quickly.
             begins to hate Othello for stealing his daughter, and Iago uses vulgarity to complete the.
             Iago I am one, sir, that comes to tell you your daughter and the Moor are.
             making the beast with two backs.(1.1.115).
             This obvious reference to the sex act is Iago's way of fueling the fires of vengeance in the.
             Senators mind. However Brabantio's revenge takes a direct course. He confronts Othello.
             himself. But the Duke blocks Brabantio's attempt to kill Othello. The Duke's need for.
             Othello to go and fight the Turks outweighs his need to see Brabantio's vengeance.

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