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Presidential election

             The founding Fathers found it necessary to "ditch" the Articles of Confederation Constitution and replace it with the second constitution simply because it was not strong enough to accomplish its expected goals. The Articles flaws motivated the Founding Fathers to create a new form of government. .
             Under the Articles the national government was very weak and secondary to the states. The articles were expected to provide a national defense and set up the basis for a general economy. There was a problem with the ideas of the articles; they did not give the powers necessary to do such things. Taxation powers were denied to congress, which as a result gave no money to set up a national defense. Without a national defense uprising were possible which scared the members of congress. Uprisings like Shay's Rebellion made leading Americans realize that there needed to be a change in there present form of government. .
             In the late 1786 congress authorized a constitutional convention in Philadelphia to revise the Articles of Confederation. Leading Delegates at the convention were determined to create a strong central government in the American Colonies. The strong central government which they created was called federalism. The concepts of federalism are based on a bicameral congress. The bicameral form was used so both large and small states would not go overlooked.
             The Bill of Rights expresses laws that are not solely stated in the constitution. Rights like Freedom of speech, religion and petition are just a few. The Bill of Rights gives citizens certain inalienable rights that the government cannot take away. .

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