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Darth vader essay

            Darth Vader is a dark character in Star Wars. You can tell this from his voice and physical appearance. In this essay I will be explaining Darth Vader's characteristics and his role in the movie.
             Darth Vader wears long black robes all over his body, and a black mask. He has a deep evil voice and his mask makes his voice slightly computerised. He breathes loudly which makes him more fearful. Most of his body is robotic, due to previous battles between his enemies, where he was overpowered and crushed. He plays an evil role in Star Wars.
             Darth Vader is a wicked, evil Jedi Knight. He enjoys killing people, especially his enemies. When he's bad-tempered, he even slays his own officers. When he orders his people he only commands it once, and in a demanding voice.
             "Find them! And don't fail me again!".
             Darth Vader can be smart sometimes, as he plans a lot of traps that seldom conclude successful. One being, when he tricked Lando into bringing Han Solo and Leia to him.
             Darth Vader was on the light side in his younger years. His real name was Anakin Skywalker. He was Luke Skywalker's father. You learn this in episode 5, when he holds out his hand to Luke and says, "I am your father. Join me.".
             Anakin Skywalker was an expert pilot, hero of the Clone Wars, and a student of the wise Jedi Knight, Obi-Wan-Kenobi. Learning to use the force by Kenobi's way was too slow for the impatient Anakin. He wanted a faster, easier way to the immense power he sensed all around him. The evil Emperor Palpatine offered him such a path - the Dark Side. Anakin gave in to all his anger, fear and aggression. Determined he stepped into the Dark Side's embrace and became Darth Vader. .
             When Obi-Wan-Kenobi discovered what had become of his old friend, he tried to draw him back from the Dark Side. But Vader wanted nothing but power. The 2 fought, and Vader fell into a molten pit. His shattered body, however, had been sustained by life supporting armour.

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