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Kits Kats- Arguementative Essay

             Kit Kats have and always will be the best candy bar, in THE WORLD!.
             Kit Kat bars have always been the most colorful candy. Not necessarily for what's inside but for the outer décor. With bright orange wrapping and yellow text how could you not want to buy one of these colorful confections? It has been shown in many studies that light as well as bright colors increase serotonin, a chemical made by your body that makes you happy, which in turn brightens your natural disposition.
             The theme song for a Kit Kat bar also suggests being happy. With a catchy and upbeat song like that, what isn't there to love? How many times have you been sitting around when an annoying little brother/ child/ or grandfather with diabetes has come up you and started talking? Want them quiet quick? Give YOURSELF a break, and give them a Kit Kat bar.
             In a small way I can see that snickers may be popular because it has nuts and caramel. Snickers are environmentally friendly by being recyclable. Snickers do incorporate patriotic colors which are appreciated in this time of uncertainty.
             While nuts are ok I know many people who are allergic to nuts. Also, nuts aren't very sound nutritionally. Peanut oil is trademarked as having one of the highest saturated fat to serving size ratios of any other organic food. As far as allergic reactions go, I've never heard of anyone being allergic to wafers. Recycling is great, but how many times do you find yourself going out of your way to recycle a candy wrapper? As for patriotic colors on a candy bar, either do it right or don't do it at all. Small lines with the accumulative "patriotic colors- estimated at only 1/15 to 1/10 of the wrapper, I would hardly think of that wrapper as patriotic.

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