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My Struggle with Grave's Disease

            I had been very sick the last two years. Grave's disease had taken over my life, just as alcohol takes over an alcoholic. This disease had eaten away at my immune system and left me feeling and looking like a train wreck. Thanks to this disease my olive skin was now grey like ash. My sickly body weighed only 27kilograms, which is under the average weight for a 13 year old. The hair on my head used to flow like a long river but now was short and thin, sometimes falling to the floor like droplets. Eyes that used to be small and beautiful were now so enlarged they looked as if they were going to pop out of my head. Most horrible of all was the large scar that crawled up my neck like a snake on a tree branch. .
             I had learned to live with these changes to my body, but other people had not always been so accepting. So on this beautiful, enchanted day I headed for school and readied myself for the day's events. I was used to the daily taunts and teasing from everyone, but two girls in particular could always get to me. No matter how high I built up my amour those two girls could always break through as if they were trained burglars. Kat, the feisty leader of the two made, people at school fear her piercing brown eyes and quick insulting tongue. She walked with confidence as if she owned the school. Anyone in their right mind would not dare stand up to her, in fear that they might be slain like a dragon. Grace, on the other hand, was quite different from her "leader". She followed Kim but never led the militia. Grace was very beautiful, black shining ringlets framed her heart shaped face and boys fought for her attention, but only with Kat's blessing. When Grace and Kat walked together Grace always trailed a few steps behind with her head held down, as if she was like some of the kids she terrorized. Then on command she would join in with the insults and pain she spread. As I entered the school that day, they were right there as if they had been waiting for me all morning.

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