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A Hobbit

             Tolkien is about a small creature that lives in a hole in the ground which is known as a hobbit. A hobbit is a peaceful creature that minds his own business and doesn't like adventure. J.R.R. Tolkien, who lived from 1892 to 1973, was a scholar of the English language, specializing in Old and Middle English. He was a professor of Anglo-Saxon at the University of Oxford. His story revoles around a Hobbit which is a small human like creature that hears very well and in a quote from the book it starts that hobbits are " little people, smaller than dwarves. They love peace and quite and good tilled earth. They dislike machines, but they are handy with tools. They are nimble but do not like to hurry- This small little hobbit, throughout his adventure, descends many times into a mythical "hell" and learns valuable lesions.
             One time when Bilbo descends into a mythical "hell" is when Bilbo and the dwarves lurked into the Misty Mountains. They enter a cave inside the mountains for protection from a storm. After they settle inside a cave, goblins which can be related to daemons, pull them into their lair. As they go down a dark path the ambient temperature begins to rise and they begin to see a red light. The darkness, along with the red light contributes to the thought on entering "hell". Once in the caves Bilbo and the dwarves put find their way out while fighting off the goblins. Bilbo becomes lost and must, on his own, find a way out and keep from being spotted. This is when Bilbo discovers that he may be able to do more then he knows.
             After Bilbo and the dwarves escape death in the Misty Mountains they enter the Milkwood forest. In the forest Bilbo and the dwarves did not go into the earth, but where they are surrounded by dark and evil. During the day the forest is as dark as night with a full moon, and during night sight is impossible. Not only are the surroundings dark, but also the animals as well.

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