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The Hobbit

             The story I read was called The Hobbit. It was about a hobbit, Bilbo Baggins, who was chosen by and wizard, Gandalf, and 13 dwarves to go on a mission with them to get the dwarves" gold back from a dragon, Smaug, that stole it hundreds of years ago. So Bilbo went with them and they met many obstacles on the way, such as getting kidnapped by goblins, and being attacked by wild wolves, eagles taking them up to their nests, nearly being eaten by giant spiders, being taken by Forest-elves, and finding the hidden door (in which was the reason for Bilbo to come, because he was the only one that could fit down the passage), fighting the dragon Smaug and going to war with the goblins, wolves, elves, human, and the dwarves (which was called the Battle of Five Armies).
             While Bilbo was in the cave of the goblins he found a ring, a ring in which he put on made him invisible. So Bilbo used this ring throughout the story, like to sneak pass the goblins and the elves when I was escaping. Also Bilbo was the one who always got the dwarves out of trouble, like with the spiders and the elves. In the Bilbo was able to go home with is share of the gold as promised by Throin (King of the Dwarves), and was able to tell his nieces and nephews all the great stories of his great adventure. .
             Setting: .
             A. The most important setting in the story was at the Lonely Mountain where the gold was that the Dwarves and Bilbo were looking to find, the mountain use to be the old palace of the dwarves until Smaug attacked it. Also at this mountain was the Battle of Five Armies. The mountain was very tall and kinda looked like a mountain until Smaug attacked it and made sides of it collapsed, there were also doors all around the mountain that lead to entry ways to the gold and inside of the mountain were rooms and passageways leading everywhere. .
             B. The story took place thousands of years ago, there is no specific date as to when it took place.

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