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             In Tess of the D"urbervilles Alec's character is considered immoral and evil. His presentation through out the film allows the viewer to like and dislike his character. From the beginning to the end there occurs a change in his character which in the end one feels more sympathetic. .
             In the beginning of the film Alec comes into Tess" life as the intruder of her peace. He invades her life and breaks her innocence. The evil that he represents in the beginning allows for the sympathy that is later achieved in the film. After he rapes Tess and she later leaves because of the damage that he has done to her,he is than considered evil. As the film continues the viewer is still under that same impression but until the viewer notices the details, than can the viewer feel sympathetic. For example, when Tess leaves the D"urberville house, Alec informs Tess that he is willing to help her financially. From the beginning Alec wanted always to help Tess and her family in amy way possible. When those small inclinations are noticed one feels sympathetic because it seems as though me may really care for Tess. His offer of money and security reveals that in some way he loves Tess,although he conveys it in rude and demanding ways. He is a very complex chararcter so much as to make him very realistic. He feels a deep emotion for Tess one way or another. Others may argue that he just wnat what he cant get, but even in that situatuion one still has some sort of emotion ,even though it may be driven by a different motive. .

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