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Tess of the D'Urbervilles

             Luck does not always indicate a good occurrence. In Thomas Hardy's novel, Tess of the d'Urbervilles, luck frequently takes the meaning of a bad event. Such events occur throughout Tess' life because of her characteristics, but also due to luck.
             Tess has many qualities that, though help her in her survival, attract unwanted attention to her. Tess is attractive, hard working, responsible, courageous, independent, and enduring, as well as proud and dignified, as when shown when Angel calls her after Greek Goddesses. These qualities, however, make Tess' life much harder upon her. Due to Tess' sense of responsibility, she goes off to the D'Urbervilles' farm. Because of her attractiveness, Alec D'Urberville begins to like her, and because Tess acts independently of everyone, she has no one to protect her from Alec. Because she is dignified and enduring, she tells no one of her new burden, courtesy of Alec. Again, since she is independent, she leaves Alec and goes off to look for a different job, a job to which she wants to be committed to. .
             She sincerely attempts to remain unnoticed in her new workplace, but, because of her attractiveness and hard work, Angel Clare notices her. He seemed like the perfect type of person for Tess, and he had the same opinion about her. " She impressed him [Angel Clare] most deeply. She was no longer the milkmaid, but a visionary essence of woman "a whole sex condensed into one typical form."" Tess initially thinks him to be better than his father, having been told about Mr. Clare in her frequent conversations with Angel, but she finds out that his mentality dictates his thoughts quite differently. Angel feels no forgiveness for people, as when Tess tells him of her "affair- with Alec. Tess again feels responsible and courageous. She parts with Angel and goes off with what little money he left her. She exhibits much endurance, thanks to all the lonely traveling she commits to every now and then.

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