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Lessons learned from Jurrasic Park

            The book, "Jurassic Park", by Michael Crichton teaches us all a good lesson about greed and speedy technological advances. The mathematician/theorist prophesied the forthcoming chaos that erupted from speeding along science without furthering good research first. "Jurassic Park", teaches us all that some parts of science are best left untouched or else chaos results. .
             Greed can cause errors in a person's judgment. Some people make mistakes in common judgment because of greed. The wealthy entrepreneur's greed had caused him to make a scientifically bad judgment call. Science and research is expensive and only the wealthy can afford to make such highly scientific development and when scientific research is led by dollar signs it goes to fast and chaos erupts.
             Mother Nature should be left alone with her business. She has always had a natural plan for existence and no matter how complex she is; sometimes she needs to be left alone. It was Mother Nature that allowed the dinosaurs to escape and create such havoc because even new age technology couldn't hold them back. .
             Technological advances that happen too fast can result in chaos. Reproduction of dinosaurs can seem good at first, but in the end dinosaurs and humans are from two different eras in time and shouldn't be together at the same time. The world isn't ready for reproduction of extinct species, and they might have become extinct for a reason.
             Chaos can result from many aspects of science. Michael Crichton book "Jurassic Park" portrayed how devastating it would be if we used genetics to recreate dinosaurs. That is why in order to chaos we should only further science and technology at Mother Nature's speed. .

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