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Jurrasic Park

            The setting takes place on an island off the coast of Costa Rica which is owned by a millionaire, John Hammond. On this island he has set up a genetics engineering facility that produces dinosaurs from prehistoric mosquito's. Dr. Hammond plans to open the island as a park. First he has a few specialists check out the park. While they are touring the island one of the computer programmers, Dennis Nedry, is secretly planning to steal dinosaur embryos from the park and sell them to a company that is trying to compete with Hammond. The only way Nedry can obtain these embryos is to immobilize the park by interrupting the parks normal function, so that he could sneak in and steal the embryos. This all takes place while the visitors are out in the park touring, and in the mist of a terrible storm. After Nedry has executed a virus in order to steal the embryos the storm hits, and the park power goes out. As the power goes out the visitors to the island are stuck in the middle of nowhere, with an escaped T-Rex. Everyone flees and is scattered through the park. When all the power finally ran out the animals began attacking . Their only way to get the power restored is to have someone manually turn on another auxiliary power generator so they could get the main power running again. The visitors and the staff of Jurassic Park escape but with two people dying . They escape by having a helicopter pick them up.

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