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            The whole concept of whiteness is racism, whiteness is constantly shifting boundary separating those who are entitled to certain privileges form those whose exploitation and vulnerability to violence is justified. The term whiteness focuses mainly towards the white male, leaning towards virtues and male values.
             Racism is prejudice or discrimination by one group toward others perceived as a different race. A belief that one race is superior over all others. Groups may be almost identical physiologically, yet be divided against each other on the basis of culture, language, religion, nationality.
             Whiteness is defined as scientifically, as a biological and genetic characteristic.
             Race is a cultural category into which people are placed based upon apparent biological characteristics. Although races are traditionally considered biological entities, it is impossible to explain clear biological boundaries between these groups of people. Maybe a better explanation of "race" is groups of people who consider themselves, and/or are considered by others, to be different from other groups because of their shared culture, language, and descent.
             Benefits of having white skin are economic privileges, and police protection, instead of police harassment also depending on their financial situation they can choose neighborhoods that are safe and have decent schools. They are given more attention, respect and status in conversation than people of color.
             These benefits tend to be passed on from generation to generations. Some examples are that Paul Kivel grew up in a white male society; he viewed these benefits as natural and evitable. As Paul grew up, he watched his father make good, sound decisions in his life.
             Paul's father retired at a very young age,.
             As a young boy growing up in an all white male society in which in which affirmative action programs for white men were abundant in every area of community life, Paul watched his father benefit from many of these programs.

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