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Martin Luther

            The man who produced Lutheranism was a very distinctive character. After doing a little research I found information on Martin Luther. He was indeed an interesting individual for my report. The Lutheran Church came about because of him , and I hope that you become well informed with the life, ways and thoughts of the commendable Martin Luther. .
             On November 10, 1483 a man named Martin Luther was born in Eisleben, Germany (PBS). About a year later, his family moved to Mansfield, Germany where he spent his childhood. He went to School and was very fluent in Latin. Back in those days, Latin was the language that people learned in school and continued to write essays in all the way through graduate school. At the age of 18 he received his bachelors degree at the University of Erfurt. At the age of 22, he had received his Master of Arts degree. That same year, 1505, (Luther) he was struck by lightening, he had a very serious argument with his father and as a result he enter into Augustinian monastery in Erfurt. He became a monk and this really angered his father even. In 1507 Luther finally became a priest and he vowed to live in poverty. He was of course Catholic as was most of the Christian world back then. .
             Martin Luther, a German monk, had doubts of his faith before and he was ever at peace with himself. He spent most of his days searching and came upon the thought that to reach salvation, you could only do it by faith. This philosophy was known as the justification by faith. Soon, he began to develop other philosophies ad reasons that the Roman Catholic Church lacked and he began to protest, not to break away, only to have an impact on the church, to lead them the right way. But, as time progressed, the church became more and more politically minded and wanted more money. They began to sell indulgences to the people who lacked the knowledge to understand what the real lesson behind them was.

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