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Review Bruce Almighty

             I have seen the movie Bruce Almighty by Tom Shadyac. The story takes place in Buffalo, New York. Bruce Nolan (Jim Carrey) is a television reporter who is almost 40 years old and who lives with his girlfriend Grace (Jennifer Aniston). Bruce is not a happy man and he blames God for all the bitterness he feels about his life. He is extremely tired of his job as an local reporter and he feels like he has reached as high as he can in his professional life. He dreams about beeing the newsanchor of his television chanel. The chance suddenly arrives when the senior anchorman decides to retire. .
             Bruce's boss sends him to make a live report at Niagara Falls. Bruce is excited because he has never done a live story. However, just before he goes live, he learns that his rival reporter has been chosen to replace the retiring anchor on the evening news. Bruce takes it very badly and in front of his producer and the viewing public he has a nervous breakdown. First he gets completely quiet and then he suddenly launches into a tirade, verbally abusing an elderly woman and the tour owner he was about to interview. He is fired at once and his day even got worse.
             When Bruce is on his way home from the office he is beaten up when he was trying to defend a homeless man from a street gang. They also damage his car. When he arrives home he finds that his favorite sports team is losing, and his dog is peeing on the furniture. Bruce rants and raves towards God, saying that all his problems are because God is ignoring him, and that the big man could fix everything immediately if he only wanted to. His complaints are taken seriously by God, who appears in human form (Morgan Freeman) and gives Bruce divine power, challenging him to see if he can do a better job.
             At first, he uses the power for his own benefits, for example he clears a path in the traffic for his new sports car and he gets his dog to use the toilet. Bruce also uses his new power to get his job back.

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