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Movie Review - Bruce Almighty

            Ever since the days of black and white television, Americans have had a deep love affair with comedy movies. A good comedy can make you laugh at a situation or statement, that otherwise seemed ordinary. Comedy movies spread laughter and cheer, while still retaining a central theme, without becoming a bunch of well written jokes about nothing. The movie Bruce Almighty is a perfect example of a well done comedy because of the acting of Jim Carrey, the funny situations and well thought out theme. .
             The movie takes place in present day where Bruce Nolan (Jim Carrey) plays the role of a news reporter who seems to have nothing going his way. Bruce's dream is to work at the desk at there local news station, instead of his current position as a field reporter. When the office prick receives the job instead of him, he flips out, and is in turn fired from his job. He then meets God (Morgan Freeman) who endows Bruce with all of his powers for one week. While Bruce is God, things go awful. He starts to hear voices in his head, which he realizes are people's prayers. Bruce then grants everybody everything they want, and the chaos begins. At a party Bruce is throwing, his girlfriend of five years Grace (Jennifer Aniston) catches Bruce kissing another woman. Grace storms out of the party and out of Bruce's life. Bruce then realizes he has been doing things the wrong way, instead of blaming God for all of his problems, he should accept his life and deal with what he has. He turns his life around and wins Grace's heart again and they lived happily ever after.
             While a movie may have a great plot, it is truly the actors who make the movie. There could not have been a better lead actor than Jim Carrey. Jim's mannerisms and general attitude is very amusing in the movie. One particular scene sees Jim loose the job he wanted at the desk right before he is suppose to go live. After the initial shock, Jim continues, "First off I just want to congratulate Evan Backstabber, excuse me Bastard Baxter, rather It's always nice to see opportunities given to other people, rather than me.

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