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Richard III

             Richard III is a very interesting novel it shows just how much power can get to you especially when you start to due it in the wrong way see this story is about a man who decides since he is unhappy he will make everyone around him miserable, the only problem with that is that this way of thinking soon becomes his downfall due to extreme paranoia. In this novel we see great differences in Richards attitude and manner from act one to act four. .
             Richard start's out with a calm cool and collective point of view in act one, he is straight forward and manipulative but he manipulates in a manner of great intelligence. Richard in the first act appears to be a very intellectual villain he knows what to do and exactly how to do it in order to persuade people in supporting what he wants. This is clearly shown in the film. In the beginning, people tend to hang on every word Richard says as if it were sweet poetry or the most interesting and meaningful thing they had ever heard. See Richard was the kind of guy at first that could talk his way through anything and people respected him due to the fact that he was so manipulative in the way that he would earn your trust and your friendship therefore making it impossible for anyone to expect or suspect deceit from this wonderful creature who would befriend anyone. Secretly did they know that this was all in his favor.
             In act four Richard has finally achieved his ultimate goal and that is attaining the thrown. But this isn't enough for dear Richard he feels know that he must secure his title, but instead of using his skills at deception and manipulation to achieve clearly defined, difficult-to-achieve goals, he has started killing everyone in sight. .This is where Richard starts acting nutty. He no longer is deceptive and going behind peoples backs earning their trust he just doesn't care anymore paranoia has taken over and he just feels it is necessary to take any extremes possible to secure his power.

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