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A manned Mission to mars

             A Manned Mission to Mars.
             Mars, the red planet, most widely assumed capable of supporting some life form redolent of ours, was once beyond reach, an object of mythical attraction. This red planet has arisen at the head of space exploration as man's grand journey. The proposition to travel to other worlds is believed to be human destiny, just like Manifest Destiny was meant to be America's soil (Wilford 210). As new plans and ideas are introduced into the economy, they always generate new troubles, but the nation's space program creates no obstacle that can cause difficult barriers. The space program encounters the same difficulties that the Defense budgets and other national programs have been creating for quite a while (Logsdon et la 471). On January 14, 2004, President George W. Bush proposed for a future manned mission to Mars. Bush's proposal has initiated a new path of human exploration to the unknown, which may root a future manned mission to Mars. Bush has launched a new idea with renewed importance on the exploration of our solar system and expansion of human frontiers. But many people believe that even though Bush's proposal for a manned mission to Mars may be promising, there is also great uncertainty that the U.S. can afford it ("3,2,1,0"). .
             As we continue our journey for a better tomorrow we prepare into a race for future space exploration. To many, this journey opens the beginning of fresh and exhilarating scientific discoveries, which are certain to be made and offer great payback. As for many, the challenge to send men beyond frontier arises many questions and makes the journey unnecessary (Logsdon et la 408). Will humans ever set foot on Mars? For the past few months this question has been one of the most controversial question to be answered, and has grown to be much clearer. As of now, the first manned mission to Mars is scheduled to take place by the year 2030, which will occur within most of our lifetimes.

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