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Simon Birch: A film about a boy who is not an Outsider

             Simon Birch is a film about outsiders, friendship, and love and sacrifice revolving around the life of a diminutive twelve-year-old boy named Simon. It captures the answers to the questions studied in the course of English thus far during the short story "The Lady or the Tiger" and the novels A Separate Peace and Lord of the Flies. In the film, Simon acted as an outsider, a friend, and a sacrifice. As all those things, Simon became a hero.
             I believe Simon was the key to learning the answer to the first question, "Who Are the Outsiders?" If Simon were in Lord of the Flies, he would have been like Ralph and Piggy, but he would have taught them that being an outsider could make someone a hero. Simon had power when he was an outsider, but Ralph and Piggy didn't. That's because Simon had faith. He believed in others and in himself. Simon knew he wasn't meant to just be an ill-treated outsider all his life. So the answer to this essential question would be Simon is an outsider, but he finds good out of the situation. .
             In Simon Birch, there were two other outsiders as well. In the beginning of the film, Ben was an outsider. Joe and Simon didn't want to accept him into their lives in the beginning, but later on they had to turn to him for help and he no longer was an outsider. That was the same case with Samneric in Lord of the Flies. Jack didn't want to accept them into his group in the beginning because they hung around with other outsiders, but in the end Samneric were with Jack. All the way throughout the novel, Joe also was a type of outsider. Simon caused Joe to be an outsider, because Joe hung around with Simon and was friends with him, so everyone else saw Joe as an outsider. In the novel Joe could be related to Ralph, who became an outsider during the novel because he was Piggy's friend.
             In the film, Simon also gave us the answer to the question "What are the Obligations of Friendship".

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