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Lord Of Flies Essay

             Did Brooks" film accurately convey the original meaning of Golding's novel?.
             William Golding, a remarkably talented writer, created this intriguing timeless classic, Lord of the Flies. The novel's unique and mysterious style generated a torrent of interest. Even today, more than 30 years later, exhausting analysis" of his novel are being attempted. I found this novel to be extraordinary. It is overflowing with subtle yet profound meaning and truths about humans. It is detailed, and contains intricately and strongly developed characters and relationships. The symbolism in the story is fascinating and extensive. This is why this novel is such a challenge to condense into a 90 minute film.
             One of the most important themes in the novel is evil, and the manifestation of fear and monsters as a result of the young boy's inevitable evil within. The boys on the island are severed from civilization and they"re terrified, thus they fabricate a monster, a "beastie," to justify their fears. In the novel an insightful suggestion is made by Simon, " "What I mean is. Maybe it's only us.". Simon became inarticulate in his efforts to express mankind's essential illness." (p.89) The theme of inner-evil becomes more evident as it is further developed in the novel. Simon has a "conversation" with The Lord of the Flies (the pig's head) that is key to the story; the truth about the boys emerges. "There isn't anyone to help you. Only me. And I"m the Beast. Fancy thinking the Beast was something you could hunt and kill!. You knew, didn't you? I"m part of you? Close, close, close! I"m the reason why it's no go? Why things are the way they are?"" (p.142) However in the film, the theme of a manifestation of evil isn't clear, and the Lord of the Flies scene was left out. .
             For me the most interesting and thought provoking character in the novel is Simon. In the beginning of the story he is mysteriously different from the others, as he frequently, secretly seeks solitude and is amazingly perceptive.

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