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Com/Con Lord of The FlIES

            Compare/Contrast Essay The Lord Of The Flies.
             The Lord of the Flies book was different and similar in many ways from the movie. Some of the ways it was similar in the movie was when Simon ran toward the tribe. They thought he was a beast so they attacked and stabbed him to death. Another way was when Jack's tribe stole Piggy's glasses so he could not see. A third way was when Ralph and Piggy were at Jack's tribe, Piggy was holding the conch and Roger rolled a rock down and it hit Piggy on the head and killed him.
             Three things that were different from the book to the movie were in the book; the plane crashed on the island and made a scar that symbolized evil coming to the island. In the movie, the plane crashed out in the water and they had an inflatable boat so were able to drift to the island. .
             The second thing that was different was the beast. In the book, a battle from the sky occurred and a plane was shot down. A parachutist jumped out and landed on the rock at the top of the mountain. The parachutist was killed and was just hanging there on the mountain. In the movie, the pilot survived but was disoriented and wandered off by himself. Then one of the boys went into a cave and thought he saw a beast that growled at him, so he stabbed him with his spear. The beast wasn't a beast at all, but the pilot of the plane.
             The third difference was that in the book, the first time that they got the fire started; it went out of control and started the whole island on fire showing how irresponsible they were. They also burnt all of the fruit and other food that they needed to eat. In the movie, they got the fire going and it started to go out of control, but they were able to stop it before it burned the whole island and all their food. .
             There were many similarities and differences between the book and the movie, but the ideas and themes were basically the same in both stories. One of the main themes was that you need rules to keep people civilized and keep evil under control.

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