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Out Side The Walls

            I was cleaning the street when I saw it lying there where the old jail used to stand. So I decided to go over and pick it up to see what type of book it was. When I opened it up, the first page read. Its August 5, 1942 and I was arrested on August 2,1942 for working with the Dutch resistance, a group that helped set the Jews free. Being imprisoned left me with a lot of time on my hands. I gathered all of my journals together and wrote one journal on my past life. At the same time I pray that I will have a future. Right then I knew what I had come up on. It was a journal of from the Holocaust. My name is Gideon Boissevain, but most people call me Gi. I was born on June 5, 1921 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. In the mid-1930s my parents left the Dutch Nazi party when they realized how brutal its members behaved. Around 1940, I started working for an insurance company. From then on every thing started to go down hill. .
             When I was around fourteen years old, a new law was established. The Nuremberg Laws stripped the Jews of their rights and property. Jews had to wear a yellow Star of David to be easily identified if they tried to leave Germany. Then came Kristallnacht, a night when gangs of Nazi storm troops attacked Jewish homes, businesses, and their synagogues across Germany. After Kristallnacht happened, many Jews attempted to leave Germany on fake passports. Many Jews were blamed, arrested and sent to concentration camps for the destruction that occurred on this night. The Germans now had control of the Netherlands. So my brother and I started working for the Dutch resistance. Our parents helped to hide some Jews. The Dutch resistance helped to free Jews. Printing presses were used to make fake documents for the French resistance. However, it did not last long. On August 2, 1942 my brother, other resistance workers and I were imprisoned.
             In prison there is nothing to do but sit, work and listen to Jews who were recently arrested talk about what's happening outside the prison walls.

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