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Morality of puddnhead wilson

             Morality of Pudd"nhead Wilson.
             Morals pay a big role in every decision we make in our everyday lives. In the book Pudd"nhead Wilson by Mark Twain the main characters have to make moral choices threw the story. Roxy switches her baby with the baby of her master. "Tom" robs the houses of the townspeople to settle a gambling debt. All of these actions require moral choices although they might not be moral in their actions.
             Roxana also known as Roxy is a slave owned by Percy Driscoll. She doesn't look black because she is only one-sixteenth black. She gives birth to a son who she names Chambers who she later switches for another baby. She is described as tough, intelligent, and resourceful. She is the most threatened by slavery although she is freed when Percy Driscoll dies.
             Valet de Chambre, Roxy's son, is switched for Tom at a very young age. He was a very spoiled, vicious, and dissolute person. He falls into trouble when his gambling problem leads him into debt. His uncle, Judge Driscoll, frequently disinherits him, only to rewrite him into the will again.
             Thomas a Becket Driscoll, Tom, is the son of Percy Driscoll but is switched with Chambers at a very young age. He was raised as a slave and is purchased by Judge Driscoll when Percy dies to prevent "Tom" from selling him down the river. "Chambers" is a decent young man who is often forced to fight bullies for "Tom". He also speaks with a black dialect.
             Judge Driscoll is a member of a prominent Virginia family and being the judge he is a leading citizen of Dawson's Landing. Although he doesn't have a child of his own he adopts "Tom" when his brother, Percy Driscoll, dies. The judge is powerful enough to indulge his eccentricities, and he forms a philosophical society with Pudd"nhead Wilson after he retires from the bench. The judge is wealthy and generally kind-hearted, and supports "Tom," even paying his gambling debts.

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