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Woodrow Wilson: Egocentric Crusader

            In the essay, "Woodrow Wilson: Egocentric Crusader," by Walter McDougall, McDougall illustrates the type of presidency Wilson led for the United States. McDougall describes how Wilson loved power as he says, "he loved, craved, and in a sense glorified power. That may seem anomalous in a pious Progressive and contemporary of Lord Acton, who warned, Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely." McDougall explains how Wilson believed that power could have you make effective decisions. While Wilson was at Princeton University, he was the prime minister and as a leader he wants "to attract more high school students of slender means to Princeton and to make the sons of the wealthy as unlike their fathers as possible." This exemplifies how Wilson wants to take lead and push people for better opportunities for success. In addition, McDougall explains how bad of a communicator Wilson was. 1Wilson states, "American diplomacy during World War I is usually described in terms of Wilson's struggle to uphold neutral rights at sea, as if it were a reprise of the situation during the Napoleonic Wars." This quote emblematizes how Wilson would struggle in the war at sea and would apply moral authority to end war in terms that would make for lasting peace. To conclude, McDougall basically represents how Wilson adored power a lot and would be a bad communicator throughout the essay.
             Furthermore, Robert A. Pastor explains his view in his essay ,"Woodrow Wilson: Father of the Future." Pastor illustrates Wilson as a great president who seeks peace. Pastor also shows how Wilson would want lead the U.S. in the safest way possible as he illustrates ",Wilson's goal went beyond winning World War I: He wanted to prevent all future wars and at the same time make the world safe for democracy. His proposal was quintessentially American: The European balance of power system must be dismantled in favor of a "community of power"-a League of Nations- that would guarantee the self-determination of all nations and therefore eliminate the cause of wars.

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