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Woodrow Wilson

            Thomas Woodrow Wilson was born on December28, 1856 in Stanton Virginia.
             His father was a minister and his mother was a daughter of a minister .
             so he grew up in a religious family. His name was Tommy but used his middle name when he started.
             collage, and was known as Woodrow ever since. His family moved to Georgia and later to South .
             Carolina when he was still a child. When he was growing up the civil had started and his mother .
             worked as a volunteered a confederate army hospital healing wounded solders. After the war .
             Woodrow Wilson would always remember the day he saw general Robert E. Lee travel as a prisoner .
             through the town that Woodrow was living in. Woodrow went to his local high school and then went .
             to Davidson collage in North Carolina. While he was at collage Woodrow earned very good grades.
             and excelled at public speaking and writing classes. IN spite of his good grades Woodrow had to .
             leave collage after one year because of illness, a problem Woodrow had most of his life. In 1875 .
             Woodrow felt that he was better enough to go back to school, and enrolled in the collage of New .
             Jersey. He graduated in 1879. Soon after his graduation Woodrow decided that he wanted to .
             become a lawyer and entered the University of Virginia law school. He became ill again and had to .
             leave school for the second time. He still wanted to become a lawyer so he studied at home instead .
             of in a school and passed the states bar examination in 1882 to finally become a lawyer. Woodrow .
             opened a law office in Atlanta Georgia but after a year he decided to give up the lawyer profession. .
             After that Woodrow went to school at Johns Hopkins University to try and earn a doctoral degree. To .
             complete his studies Woodrow had to write a long paper and it ended up being published in a book. .
             In his last year Woodrow got married to Louise Axson and moved to Pennsylvania after his .
             graduation. Woodrow decided that he wanted to teach so he became a professor at Bryn Mawr .

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