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Gilgamesh the Monster

            Gilgamesh: A Verse Narrative was written about four thousand years ago in the ancient.
             It was written on clay tablets, so it has changed very little from its.
             original text. This narrative concerns the king of Uruk, Gilgamesh, and his friend Enkidu. "The Head of.
             Humbaba" is a short segment from Gilgamesh: A Verse Narrative which centers around a monster.
             named Humbaba. Humbaba is an interesting monster in that he has many different qualities. These.
             characteristics of Humbaba are found within his physical being and his personality traits.
             Humbaba's physical characteristics are the first details one notices about him. There are many.
             characteristics described in the text, one of which is described in this quote: "They saw the great head.
             of Humbaba / Like a water buffalo's bellowing down the path" (9-10). This quote describes.
             Humbaba's head, which is said to resemble the head of a water buffalo. This means that his head is.
             probably hairy with horns. A few other physical characteristics of Humbaba include his huge, unsteady.
             legs, and his great strength. Also, Humbaba's shoulders have become stooped, as if he has been.
             constantly carrying a great weight on his back. Lastly, Humbaba is horribly disfigured, enough to make.
             someone pity him. All of these characteristics make Humbaba seem to be a true monster.
             Humbaba's image as a monster is only slightly disproved by his personality traits. Humbaba's.
             personality traits make him seem very human-like: "I"ll serve you as I served the gods, Humbaba said; /.
             I"ll build you houses from their sacred trees" (38-39). In this quote, the reader is shown a few of.
             Humbaba's personality traits. The most obvious of these traits is that Humbaba has the power of.
             speech, a definite human trait. Also, Humbaba refers to the gods he once served, thus making a point.
             that he is religious. Finally, Humbaba obviously has some carpentry skills because he tells Gilgamesh.

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