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Were the Jehovah Witnesses really affected by the Holocaust?

             Jehovah Witnesses were they really affected by the Holocaust? Many people today take this religious group granted. What they don't know is that these people suffered tremendously during this time in history. Sadly, they were persecuted due to their religious beliefs. Their immovable neutral position of the Witnesses, along with their loyalty to God's Kingdom, was unacceptable to Hitler's government! The Nazi did not intend to tolerate any refusal against their government. They broke up meetings and made arrests. Some were thrown out of their jobs, others suffered raids in their homes and beatings. The Nazi even burned 65 tons of Bible literature! Even though all of this was happening they never lost their faith in their God, Jehovah. They knew he was the one who would liberate them and comfort them. As you will discover in my paper, Jehovah Witnesses were affected tremendously during the Holocaust. On the other hand , you can lose your friends, family and even your life but you can never lose your faith in God because he is the only one who can help you in good times and difficult times. Let me explain:.
             The evils of Nazism exposed. Hitler became prime minister of Germany on January 30,1933, and a couple of months later , on April 4,1933, the branch office of Jehovah's Witnesses was seized. However, the property was returned on April 28, 1933. After that, the Witnesses publicly made their intentions clear: " Our organization is not political in any sense. We only insist on teaching the word of Jehovah God to people. The Jehovah Witnesses made a good-faith effort to state their case, but there were some consequences. As I stated before they were thrown out of their jobs, beat and even death. They suffered tremendously. .
             On February 9, 1934 Joseph F. Rutherford, the president of the Watch Tower Society, sent a letter of protest to Hitler stating: " You may successfully resist any all men, but you cannot successfully resist Jehovah God,.

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