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Pros and cons of war powers

             The pros and cons of the war powers act or resolution is a subject which has been debated since it became congressional law, November 7, 1973 (ebsco, 9706192938). I will show both sides of the issue using the argument put fourth by military and political leaders. Also, focusing on the resolution as in where it came from, what it states and it use.
             The War Power Resolution passed on 11-7-73 because congress wanted to control the President's ability to make legal war. .
             The core of the law says that if the president introduces troops intohostilities? orimminent hostilities,? he has 60 days to obtain congressional authorization. The law also requires the President to notify Congress of the commitment of military forces within 48 hours, and to supply regular reports while forces are engaged.?(McCollum 34).
             The whole debate over the War Powers act is over that has the power, constitutionally, to make war. Some say it should fall in the hands the Presidency while other will say that war has to be declared by congress, therefore congress should be the one to decide. (Fisher, Alder 2-3) This argument has been argued since the found of this great nation. As said best by Donald H. Rumsfeldwar power controversy is as old as the Constitution division of power between.
             Legislative and executive branches not perfectly spelled out in the Constitution.? (Westerfield 23). I think our founding fathers did this on propose, because no one wants one section of government to have all the power. That is why I question the War Power act, if Congress wanted to limit Presidential power why did give the President basically 60 days use force as he wishes. The resolution contradicts itself by not wanting the president to wage war on his own but if he does he has 60 day to play war monger. Lots of political people are against the act, many state that it is nothing but a toothless law that has never been successfully used.

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