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Controversy and the Abortion Debate

             One of the most controversial and complex political issues in American history is the issue of abortion. This endless fight over the woman's right over her body or the fetus's right to life has split the nation into two camps; pro-life and pro-choice. The abortion debate has become an unyielding battle as politicians have been forced to take a stand on this moral issue. Twenty-two years ago abortion was ruled a woman's legal right by the Supreme Court. It is backed by the nation's most prestigious civil groups, from the League of Woman Voters to the American Civil Liberty Union. On the other hand it is contested and fought by our country's leaders with the majority from the Catholic Church officials to the Bible belt of our nation. This is an issue that holds a heavy weight upon the heart of many and can destroy a campaign as well as the supporters for each side. The stand on abortion between the two major political powers of our nation seems just as unclear and deluded as the issue is among most people of all ages, ethnic backgrounds and religious beliefs.
             The foundation of the debate is over whether or not a woman has a choice to terminate her pregnancy - for any reason. The number one argument against abortion that pro-life advocates agree with is that they consider the unborn fetus a human being and to terminate a pregnancy would be considered murder; therefore, automatically illegal. This belief was the intrinsic force that ultimately led to Roe v. Wade. In 1973, "the right to privacy was confirmed and established in one of the most important Supreme Court decisions in American history: Roe vs. Wade. This decision established a woman's right to seek an abortion and prohibited states from making abortion a criminal act " (Ginsberg, Lowi & Weir, 141). .
             Jane Roe, a single woman who was living in Dallas County, Texas, sued the District Attorney of the county. She believed that the Texas criminal abortion laws were unconstitutional.

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