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Corporal punishment on children

             The question of how children should be disciplined is very much in the news. It is now against the law in many countries for a teacher to smack a child in school and it is suggested that the same law should be extended to parents. So what are the rights and the wrongs of smacking your child?.
             Firstly parents should know precisely that violence can lead to unpredictable traumas in the mature life of their child. It is known that the personality a child develops is mostly determined by the education he is given when little. This future parent may either treat his own kids in the same way or may simply switch to the other channel and become too benevolent, thus giving his child a totally unexpected and unwise liberty which he, himself, didn't have. Either of the two methods are not suitable as the consequences are irreversible.
             Secondly, a molested child will come across serious problems as far as his performances are concerned and will certainly grow up into an insecure and shy person, never ready to take a decision of any type, forever with the fear of making a mistake and being punished.
             Furthermore, it should be known that admiration cannot be achieved by using a violent treatment and rough methods of education. Parents should leave behind the harsh and authoritarian type of bringing up youths because youngsters are too independent, demanding and even judgemental to put up with this. If , while still very young, children are too helpless to protest and do not have a second option but to simply stick to the hard and fast rules of their parents, they will surely begin to disobey them when growing and coming to realize that they are mistreated.
             All in all, not even one for argument comes to mind when referring to the issue of beating children and grounding in the name of their benefit.

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