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The Regularity of Fast Food Consumption and the impact of De

             The purpose of this paper is to obtain a better understanding of the regularity of fast food consumption, using various demographic, lifestyle, and media variables .The sample consists of 274 household cases who were given a paper and pencil questionnaire to fill out by the member s of a graduate class at Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta Georgia. Hypothesis 1: This hypothesis explores the relationship between Gender, Income, Marital Status and the number of young Children living in each household and the Regularity of fast food consumption, proposing that income and marital status will have positive relationships with the dependent variable. Hypothesis 2: This Hypothesis explores the relationship between the variables Media, Why individuals go to a particular Fast Food Restaurant and when they go to Fast Food. Proposing that Media will have a positive relationship with the dependent variable . These Hypothesizes were then tested by regression analysis. .
             Taking place on any particular day, one out of four Americans chooses a speedy and low-priced meal at a fast-food restaurant, with no thought its speed or its thriftiness a. Fast food is so ever-present that it is now part of the American Dream. Fast food consumption has risen significantly over the past three decades in .
             U.S., accounting for nearly 35.5% of total away-from-home expenditures in 1999 .
             (USDA/ERS). Given remarkable changes in food consumption, and discriminating public .
             apprehension about health and obesity, there is an extensive necessitate to comprehend .
             better the factors upsetting food consumption choices and the implications of .
             these changes for the food industry and government policymakers. According to the US consumer foodservice( 2004) market reached a level of US$326.6 billion in 2001, an increase of 20.2% from 1997. .
             This being supposed in order to fully talk about consumption patterns in the United States over the last decade , must also include September 11th and aftermath.

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