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Fast Food

            Since its arrival in the mainstream, fast food has affected the lives of every person who has consumed it. Just think?Fast food has helped us add a few pounds, it has helped us save money, it has even changed the way we drive to work or where we live. Fast food has affected our lives in more ways than we can even imagine. It has had an affect on our economy, both in America and oversees and even our environment. The book Fast Food Nation, written by Eric Schlosser has highlighted the consequences fast food restaurants have presented. The book shows us through much research and many statistics, that fast food has brought us more than just cheap burgers and greasy fries. Fast Food Nation shows us directly how fast food restaurants effects have expanded to nearly every facet of life. .
             Fast Food Nation opens with an introduction into the history of fast food restaurants. Schlosser tells us how fast food restaurants began to join the mainstream following the Second World War. He points out that the post-war era was ideal for the growth of the industry. Americas economy was still strguggling and people were looking for a cheap and quick meal to get on with their jobs. The automobile was becoming cheaper and more efficient. Also, Schlosser claims that there is no coincidence that first one of the first fast food restaurants was opened in 1956, "the same year," according to Schlosser, "that America got its first shopping mall and that Congress passed the Interstate Highway Act." He shows how the industry has boomed through owner's strategies to lower costs, mass advertise, and make fast food accessible in order to better the lives of all Americans. But did he better all Americans? According to Fast Food Nation, Schlosser says defiantly not and he asks that all Americans open their eyes through his book to the negative consequences that derived from fast food.
             Ray Kroc, owner of McDonalds built his company on an ideal through the American lifestyle.

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