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Public speaking

             Who wants to give a speech in public? Most people dislike speaking in front of other people. This characteristic is common for people who have fear of the public. People want to be look good in front of other people because they are being judged whether they are good or bad. That is why people get nervous and all of sudden they think that they are not quiet ready. This kind of problem cannot be solved at once. They have to keep practicing. Speech 101 class should be a mandatory course for the general education. Although most students get nervous in front of people, public speaking is good for them because it helps people more knowledgable, become more self confident, and also can help prepare the student for future career.
             From Speech 101 one knowledge can widen. The type of speech that other people present such as demonstrative, informative, oral interpretive, and persuasive can help them learn various topics. For instance in demonstration speech one learn how to make a potatoe salad, how does the camera works, and how to get rid of facial hair.
             Through Speech 101, one can attain self confidence. To have a self confidentce is really important in their life. It can change one life different. If one has self confidence, it changes impossible thing to possible. At first, a student stands up in front of the class because they have to. But once they get up there, it is not as bad as they think. It gets a lot better next time. And a student starts to feel that they can do it. .
             Also, Speech 101 can prepare a student for a future career. When they are done with college and actually go out to the world, it is really important that they present their ideas and opinions to people. And there are a lot of jobs involve public speaking communication skills. For instance, lawer, doctor, senator, and actor. Even if one is doing business, they need public speaking skills to pursuade people. They cannot always be shy and hide behind other people.

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