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Public Speaking: Not Just Another Conversation

            Public speaking and conversation have long been linked in the American public consciousness. Communication experts argue that when a sender of a message gives an effective speech they connect with the audience on a personal level. In fact, a public speech can operate something like a conversation between the speaker and the audience. However, conversation happens informally and requires little to no advanced planning or preparation. Public speakers must abide by many formal guidelines and spend time in preparation before transmitting their message. The differences between these two forms of communication need to be understood in order to be an effective public speaker, we will discuss the different elements of both communication form in this paper.
             Elements of Public Speaking.
             The elements of public speaking can be achieved through good planning, organization, and preparation. The success of a public speaker's message will depend on how well their message was organized. Beginning with topic selection, a topic that the speaker is already semi-informed on would be best. The speaker should also choose a topic that they are passionate about as this will help to draw the audience in to what they are saying. Speaking purposefully is critical. A speaker needs to know if they are persuading or informing as the way they present their information will vary accordingly. Narrowing the subject matter the speaker has chosen will help them to gather useful and specific sources of information to support their main points. These points should be connected through transitions developed in an outline. In composing an outline for reference in the speeches delivery will help the speaker to stay on topic and organize all of the key point and ideas that will be made. Doing these things will ensure clarity of the information being delivered to the audience and ensure that the speakers personal purpose, or goals, were achieved through their speech.

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