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The Free Speech Controversy

            The United States was founded on its first amendment; "Freedom of Religion, Press, Expression." Various situations have led to people to think about how much of our opinion we can really express. Harvey Silverglate states his opinion on the first amendment by saying; "You are not immune, from being called an asshole ", but his isn't necessarily true in every case. Not just because you don't dislike or do not agree with someone, means you have the right to hurt people's feelings. Universities should not allow certain race groups get together and verbally express their opinions in unreasonable ways. There should be designated areas where people who share the same thoughts can talk without disturbing the public. All in all, people's feelings, hate groups, and who you talk in front of, meticulously targets the definition of free speech. .
             The first amendment directly states that Americans have right to say what they believe, but there are ways to stick with your believes without offending others around. For example, there are individuals who believe that whites will always be superior to blacks. Although expressing this in a friendly manner can be difficult, ways to censor your words exists. It's not hard to find ways to put words in a nice and reasonable way. The way you talk approach people will always determine the type of response you will get back. How many people can really say that they harshly blurred a racist comment at some and didn't receive some kind of response back? Richard Delgado states that "Hate speech is rarely an invitation to a conversation. More like a slap in the face, it reviles and silences ". Hate comment will always be an invitation to a conversation. There is no way someone can expect another person to smile and wave back at you right after you stereotype them. Whenever a person calls someone an asshole, it is definite that they will expect the other person to respond with the same type of comment or even bunch them.

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