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Speaking From Behind a Wall

            It's not a mystery that there comes a point in a person's life that they do not like face-to-face confrontation. It's not as easy for them to express themselves to others because their fear of the other person judging them interferes with their ability to speak up. Habitually, humans try to find a different approach to prevent situations that they do not want to carry out. Avoidance was not quite working out. People have found writing to be their safe haven instead of confronting a dilemma and others head on. Hiding behind written words whether it be handwritten or typed has been effective in helping people reveal what's in their soul.
             Other forms of communication have been taken advantage of to replace face-to-face confrontation. People have been using written/typed out words instead of actually using their mouth to express themselves. It has become very convenient and crucial. It also can be effective simply because it is faster, easier, and more accessible. Nowadays people are able to express how they feel at any given time of the day with the help of social networking, blogging, or just simply writing out how they feel.
             People use social networking to prevent upfront communication to express themselves all the time using social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Instagram, and etc. An EHow contributor, Beth Bartlett, agrees that "for some people, especially the youthful crowd, social interaction can be awkward and difficult. Using social networks over the internet allows people to improve their interactive personal skills, build friendships and create bonds." Some people are shy or just do not want to socialize in the real world and find contributing to the online world to be more comfortable. On Facebook when you want to update your status there is a question that appears that asks you, "What's on your mind?" Some people think of it as a silly question and totally ignore it but there are others out there who actually take the time and write what is on their mind it's beneficial to them.

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