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Privacy & Civil Issues

             The Internet is a useful tool for you to get research done or just communicate with different people around the world. But there are also a lot of flaws the Internet has that can be life changing or even violate your privacy. Within a span of five minutes your identity could be taken away from you, by hackers taking your social security number, pin numbers, and they can also get a peek at your address. It is a scary feeling because this could alter your life to make you feel insecure or even paranoid.
             Another civil issue that I will be diving into is the Spam mail that you receive in your online mailbox or even as pop-ups. "Spam is used to refer to a single or multiple pieces of mail that are perceived by the recipients to be unsolicited and unwanted." (Free Speech Patriot Act) They way Spam work is that every time you go into a search engine or if your even playing around on your Internet, they get a list of place you like to go and view. This is a huge privacy issue because people don't want to feel like there being watched every time they use the Internet. You want o feel safe and free when you searching for information or if your shopping online. Dealing with the identity theft and Spam issues, you have to be careful that you do not give the wrong person or website you personal information, because you can be violated with theft and your privacy can be shattered without you knowing. .
             You probably notice every time you check your online mail that there has been an increase in junk mail, which the sight is trying to make you buy something through your personal interests or by sexual appeal. There is now new software that will help get rid of junk mail or Spam. But there are also little tricks that you can do to limit Spam. You can have two screen names, one will before personal use, and the other screen name will be for business alterations and communication. This will limit your Spam mail by at least fifty percent proven by Scott Muller a leader of Spam blocking.

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