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The Leader Who Never Gives In

             Can Louie fulfill the requirements in being the manager of the Zodiacs? Can he make George rejoin the team to ensure a win against the Raiders? Can he organize a raffle to get uniforms? These questions are all answered in Jay Neugeboren's thrilling short story "The Zodiacs". To be the manager of the Zodiacs is a great commitment, but the main character, Louie, has undertaken this responsibility. Louie is responsible, organized and intelligent, and coupled with an ambition to succeed, Louie is able to effectively drive the Zodiacs to success.
             Throughout the short story, Louie demonstrates a great deal of responsibility. For instance, he keeps his promise and gets George to pitch for the Zodiacs, " and he also told them that George Santini had agreed to pitch for us." (Neugeboren 40) This was a tough job because "he was the leader of this gang, which as far as everybody in our section of Brooklyn was concerned, was the most dangerous gang the world had ever known." (Neugeboren 47-48) Nevertheless, Louie still finds a way to ensure that George will pitch for the Zodiacs, proving that Louie is responsible. Likewise, Louie was also able to find a way to gather enough money to get the team uniforms. In fact, it states, " I say we run a raffle and use the money to buy ourselves jackets and uniforms." (Neugeboren 52) This went well until George refused to pay for the sixteen books. Louie was furious at George, but he did not resort to anger. In fact, Louie said, "I wouldn't waste my knuckles on you. Just get out of my house." (Neugeboren 56) Clearly in the short story, Louie demonstrates a great deal of responsibility, which is an essential requirement in being a leader.
             Louie is not only responsible, but also posses exemplary organizational skills. When Louie asks to be the general manager of Howie's baseball team, he is prepared. Louie has named the baseball team the Zodiacs because, " calling ourselves- I mean your team- the Zodiacs, will make them different," (Neugeboren 46-47) Thus demonstrating that Louie is organized and prepared.

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