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             In the United States, more and more teenagers have become overweight and the percentage is increasing at an astonishing rate. Many Americans seem to be puzzled why this is happening to our teens and what can they do to solve this serious problem. There are a number of factors that cause teenagers to become overweight; from a sedentary lifestyle, to bad eating habits, and a number of other factors that will be discussed. One thing is for sure, if we as Americans don't intervene to help our teens, then they will be at great risk of losing their lives mainly because of diabetes. (Weight Loss Info, 1).
             Around fifty years ago, we Americans were not worried if our children were obese, simply because there were no obese kids or teens. This is because the society at that time was an outdoor society, meaning teenagers would go outside and play baseball, football, or other sports; basically they were always active, which means they burned as many or more calories an they put in their body. So, parents didn't have to worry about their kids gaining weight because there was a good chance it won't happen. Obviously, things have changed and today because teenagers are becoming lazier and lazier.
             Recently, this problem has increased at a dramatic pace. In the year 1999, thirteen percent of children aged six to eleven years and fourteen percent of teenagers aged twelve to nineteen years in the United States were overweight. So what does this mean? It means that the rate of overweight kids and teens has gone up so fast, that it is almost frightening to think of how many of these kids and teens are at risk of disease and death. There are others facts that are scary was well; the increase of obese teenagers has nearly tripled in the past two decades, meaning that if this keeps going at the rate it is now, then in the future it will be even more serious. Since we are trying to solve this problem together, we need to gather the facts to know how serious this problem really is.

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