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            My project is demonstrationg what age group memory is better.
             Memory is storing ans accesing past information that isn't forgot and can be used often. When ypu are older you may get alzheimers. That really affect your memory. .
             There are three types of memory which is procudural, semantic and episodic. Procudural memory is what you remember about yourself. Semantic memory is what you learn in school and stays with you.(example 2+2=4, a owl is nacturnal) Episodic memory is specific past events that have happend. (example when your younger sibling was born).
             I have tested males and females ages fourteen to sixteen. I gave them twenty-eight words and one seven digit number. They had for minutes to study the information. Then were given two minutes to write down what they remembered.
             There was a few people who remembered all of the word and the number. The words were mixed from short and long to first grade words and words that you would use everyday.
             There are many things that affect how much a person can remember.
             When I did the experiment you used your semantic memory. The males age fourteen remembered 15%. Males ages fifteen remembered 16%. Males ages sixteen remembered 15%. The the females ages fourteen remembered 15%. Females ages fifteen remembered 18%. Females ages sixteen remembered 19%.
             They all remeber about the same. The femles age sisteen seem to remember the most. My project goes to show that female around the age of sixteen remember alittle more than the others.

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