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Affirmative action

            Affirmative Action: A Necessity for All.
             Albert Einstein said, "Let every man be respected as an individual and no man idolized." In his time, it was an issue between the rich and the poor, but today, it is between the minority and the majority. Racial inequality today is an enormous issue. There have been many actions taken in order to find a resolution for racial inequality. The most important act that has been instated is affirmative action. Many people may ask if affirmative action is still necessary. There are many arguments that affirmative action is not needed anymore, but in fact, it is still crucial to the minority society in the United States. .
             There are many suggested ways to help bring about racial equality, but they are not as effective as people may think. Some people have suggested that the employment system should work on a color-blind test (Plous). The color blind test is a method where race is not mentioned on applications. Employers determine how qualified an individual is by administering a test (Benoit). Since race is not mentioned, people would be chosen for merit instead of any other underlying reasons. In theory, this is a perfectly legal and fair way to bridge the gap of racial inequality. But what people do not know is that this works only in an equilibrium state, where everybody starts on the same level. But frankly, this has never happened in the history of the United States. There have always been people at the disadvantage. For instance, it is logical to hire people with higher test scores, but "members of socioeconomically disadvantaged groups tend to score less well than equally qualified members of other groups" (Benoit). The color-blind test ultimately favors Caucasian people, even though it is meant to be fair. Caucasians are usually favored in every category taken into consideration in the hiring process, usually without even realizing their advantage.

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