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Cinderalla in Differents Versions

             There are many different versions of Cinderella, from many different countries. Most of these stories are pretty much all different in certain ways. "Cinderella" by Charles Perrault and " A Chinese "Cinderella"" by Tuan Ch"eng-shih are two of the stories that are very different. They are the most different in character and plot. I personally enjoyed Perraults version because it is most like the on I knew as a child.
             Characters of the stories were very different in many ways. The names of the main characters in the stories were the major difference. Perrault's version had Cinderella and Tuans version had Yeh-hsien. Perrault says that Cinderella is beautiful, but Tuan only says that Yeh-hsien is intelligent and good at making pottery. While Cinderella had two stepsisters, Yeh-hsien only had one and Tuan never really said much about her. Cinderella had a godmother that came to her in a time of need. When Yeh-hsien needed someone she got somewhat of a godfather. There was a handsome prince in Perrault's version, but in Tuans version there was a king. The only animal in Tuans version was a magical fish. While Perraults version had rats, a dog, and horses.
             The stories were also very different in their plots. Perrault's version Cinderella lived in a house with her stepmother and stepsisters. Where as in Tuans version Yeh-hsien lived in a cave with her stepmother and stepsister. The two girls had extremely different chores also, Cinderella had to clean, take care of her stepsisters, and cook, Yeh-hsien only had to collect firewood and draw water. Perrault gave Cinderella's godmother made her beautiful clothes to go to the ball in and she was so beautiful she was not recognized by anyone. Yeh-hsien had a godfather that told her where her mother had hidden her magical fish bones that Yeh-hsien used to wish for beautiful clothes to wear to the cave Festival. Tuans version has and army going to every house and arresting people if the lost shoe of Yeh-hsien didn't fit them, but Perraults version just had every woman try Cinderella's lost shoe on to find out who it belonged to.

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