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Oedipus Rex

             Oedipus Rex is a very interesting drama about how fate and coincidence play with our everyday lives. When Oedipus was born, a prophet of the god Apollo told King Laius that he and Jocasta would have a son that would get married with his mom and murder his dad. So when Oedipus is born King Laius tells his wife to kill the boy. Jocasta was not able to do it herself, so she called a Sheppard to do it for her. The shepherd gave the baby to a slave from the Greek City of Cornith because he felt sorry for him. Oedipus grows up in Cornith thinking his parents are King Polybus and Queen Merope. One day Oedipus gets a message from a prophet that said he will kill his father and marry his mother. So he runs away from the city to get away from his parentals. On the way, he killed some guy that ended up being his dad and goes to Thebes. In Thebes, he met the sphinx that has a great power over Thebes. This power can only be broken if a tricky riddle is solved. Oedipus, of course, solves the riddle and saves the city. He is appointed king and is granted marriage to the former Queen of Thebes, which is his mother. This Queen is the wife of the man Oedipus killed (which was his father) early in his journey and is also the mother of the boy who was sent to Cornith (who is Oedipus). Oedipus wants to save the city again when he sets out to find the murderer of the former King Laius (which is himself). In his search for the killer he finds out the truth. He was told by a phsychiatrist that: "This day will give you a father, and break your heart." And that is how Oedipus comes to kill his father and marry his mother and discover his true identity. .
             So the whole story piecies together. Everything fits together perfectly to create the story of Oedipus. I believe that everything in this tale happened by fate, and was going to happen no matter what Oedipus did. He tried to escape Cornith, to reverse the prophet he had heard, only to run right into it.

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