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Disposal of Radioactive Waste

             Over the years, radioactive sources have been used at an accelerated level which has caused more radioactive waste to be produced. The concern over time has been the disposal of these wastes. Radioactive substances are highly dangerous and can be harmful to human health and other species. Radiation is a process in which unstable nuclei spontaneously disintegrate, usually emitting ionizing radiation, an can be released into the air, soil, or other areas. Radiation is mostly produced by nuclear power plants, which such plants are in use world wide. In order to operate nuclear power plants efficiently, a safe standard of operation guidelines and procedures should be established. .
             Radioactive substances are used as sources of energy, weapons of mass destruction, and medical products. There are different forms of radioactive waste. "The most important forms of radioactive waste are high-level waste, transuranic waste, mill tailings waste, and low-level waste" (Ringius 23). Scientists reuse and categorize radioactive waste to establish and regulate the characteristics and risks of each. .
             High-level wastes are products of two sources which originate from nuclear power plants and reprocessing plants (Ringius 23). These substances should be kept away from the atmosphere to avoid global contamination. This is due to the traveling winds carrying such contamination to other parts of the world if a mishap should occur. If these substances were to ever become unsafe and be released into the atmosphere, species from future generations would be at great risk of possible health complications. Unfortunately, if a catastrophe should occur there are no early warning devices that could alert the surrounding population. An article stated that "Federal regulators blocked a proposal by private utility companies to store high-level nuclear waste on an Indian reservation in Utah's west desert, citing the .

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