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Nuclear Waste

             Hypothesis: By dumping nuclear waste into the deserts of western Australia, it may cause a threat to the environment.
             This report will be based upon the Pangea project for Western Australia. The project will in fact damage the environment as well as endanger it and also disrupt aboriginal land. This is why the report will be based upon the negative aspects of the Pangea project in which dumping nuclear waste into Western Australia. Because there have been no long term dumpings in Australia yet the information of the actual dangers or accidents that may occur are limited, however the dangers and accidents are prone to happen therefore it supports my hypothesis.
             What is Pangea? Pangea are a company created specifically to expore the global nuclear dump concept and is a spin off of the international geotechnical company Golder Associates based in Toronto Canada. The investors include : British nuclear fuels Plc. (who have invested $35 million in the projecty) , Swiss rad waste agency, Nagra and Enterra Holdings, Golders parent holding company based also in Canada.
             The idea for the company came out of a discussion between two of Golder's nuclear waste veterans, James Voss and then Golder Chairman, David Pentz, several years ago in which they surveyed the status of nuclear waste disposal programs worldwide. They didn't discover much progress. Instead, they found a plethora of progress-halting geologic, economic and political problems, according to Voss. They concluded, he said, there had to be a better way to dispose of the waste. .
             Nuclear power stations, in the course of their normal operation, produce the most dangerous industrial wastes known to humankind. There are many different kinds of nuclear waste, but attention tends to focus on what is known as 'High Level Waste: the spent, or 'burned' fuel rods after they have been taken out of a nuclear reactor. .
             The spent rods from nuclear reactors are termed "High level nuclear waste", as once burned in a reactor they become one million times more radioactive than what it was when it was loaded.

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