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            I am arguing against nuclear power generation in South Africa. Nuclear power stations are expensive and dangerous. The waste produced by the stations is deadly to all living organisms except for the roaches. .
             Nuclear rods stay radioactive for thousands of years emitting harmful rays. Maintaining nuclear power stations are very costly and are not assured. The only good aspect about nuclear energy is that no external force is needed to generate power. Solar and wind power other sources of energy are cleaner and cheaper which are already available. These energy sources cost a lot less to maintain saving vast amounts of money. Waste is not produced by wind turbines or by solar power stations that use the wind and sun as a source of which electricity can be generated.
             Nuclear power is a costly time consumer and is a deadly hazard to those who live in close proximity to the power station. Then the dumping of nuclear waste is another problem concerned.
             Land has to be reserved for dumping costing money. The land where nuclear waste is stored is uninhabitable for thousand of years due to the radioactivity involved. Dangers are always present in nuclear power stations due to the extreme conditions that are inflicted upon the station ranging from thousands of degrees in meltdowns to radiation leakage. If the power station reached a meltdown the station would explode almost like mini nuclear bomb incinerating anything nearby. Several kilometers would be exposed to harmful radiation and all the inhabitants would have to evacuate. Nuclear power stations require vast amounts of hardware and personal to monitor the station and keep the station in check to prevent any disasters from happening.
             Wind and solar power station don't require much attention saving money on maintenance and hardware required to monitor it.
             The energy source of nuclear power stations is uranium that is very expensive and hard to come by.

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