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Nuclear waste

             Hypothesis: By dumping nuclear waste into the deserts of western Australia, it may cause a threat to the environment.
             Nuclear power stations, in the course of their normal operation, produce the most dangerous industrial wastes known to humankind. The spent rods from nuclear reactors are termed "High level nuclear waste", as once burned in a reactor they become one million times more radioactive than what it was when it was loaded. High level nuclear waste (HLW) must be handled remotely as direct exposure to the radioactive waste would provide a lethal dose within seconds.
             High level waste can stay radioactive for up to 250 thousand years.
             Another form of nuclear waste is Intermediate level waste (ILW), ILW can be anything from High Level Waste in diluted form to 'chemical process residues.
             There is also Low Level Waste. Low Level Waste Contains low levels of beta and gamma radiation emitters and low levels of alpha emitters. Anything coming into contact with radioactive material can be considered Low Level Waste. .
             This type of radiation releases high energy particles that damage cells and DNA structure, producing mutations, impairing the immune system and causing cancers. The potential effects of radiation are dependent on the amount of radiation dose received. Dumping.
             While dumping the nuclear waste there may be too many variables that can be controlled. Leakage is a big problem, if nuclear waste would leak the surrounding area would then be classified as contaminated. The cask is filled with nuclear waste. A low speed accident could unseat a valve or damage a seal, releasing radioactive particulates into the environment. A fire associated with a truck or rail accident increases the probability that radioactivity will be released. Persons downwind could inhale radioactive particulates and later develop cancer or genetic effects. Waste containers have only been tested by computer or hand calculators.

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