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Nuclear Waste

            Ever since the introduction of coal as a viable source of energy, there are have been opponents. No matter what kind of energy was/is purposed, there are always two sides to the argument. The latest and most heated controversy is related to nuclear power. The method of producing the power, which will be discussed below, does not make up the majority of the arguments, rather the byproducts of the energy producing reactions. .
             During the 20th century, power has been produced. The typical way of producing power is simply heating water to steam; the steam powers a turbine, the turbine spins a magnetic coil, which then induces a current. The only difference between nuclear power plants and the other types is the medium for heating the water. In oil, gas, and coal plants, for example, the respective substances are used to heart the water. In a nuclear power plant, the water is heated from the power released from the schism of an atom.
             In the United States, there are two types of common nuclear power plants, light and heavy-water reactors. In light reactors, the water is heated and is run through a series of pipes to a steam generator, which then runs a turbine. The water is then rerouted back to the steam generator for a second loop. The water is heated to about 620 degrees F, and never boils due to the extreme pressure. Heavy water reactors are somewhat similar except that the water is not separate from the radioactive core. The water is allowed to boil in the core, thus giving it the name, "heavy water reactor." All in all, the water is heated, and a turbine is run to produce the electricity we use in our houses.
             There have not been many incidents regarding the overall safety of a nuclear power plant aside from the known incidents at Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Plant and Chernobyl (Russia/USSR) in 1986. As stated above, the major problem regarding the use of nuclear power is the waste; the "nuclear rods" that are used to heat the water.

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