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Similarities and Differences in Ancient codes and laws

            There are many similarities and differences between Hammurabi's laws, the Hittites laws, and the Hebrew Laws. Each of these codes provided a society with a system of rules to live and abide by. Without these sets of laws the civilizations of that time would have been very uncivilized, chaos would occur, and no one could do anything about it. The laws were strict and often hard to live by but they had to be in place to keep control in a civilization of that time. Some of our laws today used these sets of laws as foundations and that is why we find some of our very own laws often strict and hard to live by, but even today without them, we would revert to chaos as a solution. There would be no order and no protection in our world. People would be senselessly hurt and their goods stolen, there would be no legal justice only street justice, and that would only continue the cycle. Many people do not agree with laws but do not understand the significance of them and where we would be without them. If these ancient sets of laws were never formed, we would still b in the same shape the ancient people were. There would be no way to keep order and there would be nothing accomplished.
             A major similarity in all three sets of laws are how all three deal with the eye for an eye principal at one time. This means that if something is done wrong to a person, then the person that has done wrong will be punished in the same way. All three codes deal with this although Hammurabi's approach is more violent than the Hittites and Hebrews. A specific example from Hammurabi's is law number 195 that says if a son has struck his father, his hands shall be cut off, today this would not be acceptable. All codes of laws are based on the same principle, but are not quite as violent. They find other ways to make the guilty pay. Law number 11 in the Hittie laws says that if anyone breaks a free man's hand or foot, he shall give him twenty shekels of silver and pledge his estate as security.

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