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Corporate vs. Family: Farms in the United States

            Farming as most people know is an important part of are society and plays an important role in the hierarchy we call life. Farming is partly responsible for helping humans to become the dominate species on the earth and the reason that some of us live as well as we do in this day and age. Farming has grown into a huge industry in which million dollar corporations compete with small family owned farms in order to supply us with food as well as other products farming produces. These big companies take all the profits but don't share in the same risks as your smaller farms. To a large industrial farm owner there is far less risk, and hardly any work they themselves have to do. This isn't the case for the family owned farms whose very survival depends on all kinds of different variables that may or may not be within their control. This is why I think that the farming of the future will be entirely controlled by corporations, simply because the small time farmers can't compete.
             Corporate farms are the future of agriculture and will likely change the way we look at farming in general. Family farms have been on the decline for years and simply will not be able to compete with the much more profitable industrial farms being set up by large companies. These huge industrial farms have all the advantages and are able to produce in far more quantity the small family owned farms. Large industrial farms are usually backed by multimillion dollar corporations who see farming as a way of making a lot more money to add to their already full bank accounts. .
             Also corporately owned farms have to deal with few if any of the risks that small time farmers do. These smaller farms are owned by the farmers themselves in most cases or are being paid for through the profits the farmer makes by selling his crops. So if the farm isn't producing, the farmer not only risks losing money, but also could lose his home and properties.

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