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Education produces the citizen

             Many Americans are very passionate about knowledge. In the late eighteenth century Americans decided to take action. Spending many hours and dollars to build a dream. Land was cleared and schools were formed. One century later education is still one of America's top priorities. Education helps America strive to be number one. It is a stepping stone for the future. Parents often encourage their children to seek opportunities threw college. They often feel that education is a secure way, for the children to gain properties. Prosperity's that they never had. A college education gives a student specialized training in a professional field. "Seventy-four percent of the nation's freshman class last year described themselves, in a poll conducted by the American council on education, as politically middle-of-the-road conservative. When they were asked why they chose to attend college, the most popular answer picked by seventy-eight percent, was to "make more money". Asked to name an objective they considered "essential or very important," Seventy-four percent chose "being well-off financially" second place went to "raising a family," named by seventy percent." A college education is important for many reasons. A college education gives you the security to find a good stable job. With the training that colleges provides many businesses are interested in students whom have a good education. Money is very important asset in today's society. With a college education there is a better chance to make more money. A college education is significant to raise a family. An educated parent has a more stable financial future and can afford more of their children's needs. Such needs as, computer, books, and clothing.

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